# 3 2.18.16 Interview with Jeffrey Sweet, author of “”Something Wonderful Right Away”–classic history of improv

February 19, 2016

Jeffrey Sweet has been a playwright, screenwriter, lyricist, critic, journalist, teacher, theatre historian, and sometime songwriter and director. He is the author of the classic book about the history of improv, "Something Wonderful Right Away".


This is not a book on how to play Improv; it describes, in a series of interviews, the history of Chicago`s Second City, the theatre where Improv in the US more or less started. Although it won`t teach you much about Improv, the book is still an interesting read.

For several reasons: it is kind of amusing to hear about famous people`s less eh - interesting character features, and it`s also instructive to read how people discovered basic rules of Improv (like Accepting ) by trial and error.


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